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Rulon Gardner, Miracle on The Mat

Photos of Rulon Gardner

Rulon holding flag and gold medal on bench
Rulon and his coach posing with medals
Rulon receiving gold medal
Rulon and man in lobby of building
Rulon posing with man and woman in room
Rulon and man infront of bookshelf
Rulon posing with celebrity
Rulon and man posing for picture
Group of people with Rulon
Man and rulon smiling for picture
Rulon Gardner on talk show
Rulon and man with glasses posing together
Rulon picking up golfer
Rulon talking on talk show with host
Rulon and men standing infront of large building
Rulon holding basketball in gym full of people
Rulon holding men's hands
Rulon posing with people at restaurant
Rulon talking to Yankees player
Rulon talking with baseball players in pit
Rulon outside talking to host of talkshow
WWE fighters in ring
Rulon posing with two men infront of tile wall
Rulon and man infront of vintage race car
Rulon and man holding up Keep the Dream Alive shirts
Rulon hugging man
Rulon and group of people talking on mic in stadium
Rulon posing in signed shirt and medal
Rulon posing with man at Jimmy Kimmel's set
Rulon and men posing infront of audience
Rulon posing with man and woman in hats
Rulon posing with man in bandana
Two men and rulon posing for picture infront of crowd
Rulon and group of people standing infront of backdrop
Rulon and talk show host posing for picture
Rulon and man posing on autographed picture
Autographed photo of a man
Rulon picking up man at Jimmy Kimmel's talk show
Rulon and men in field with audience
Rulon talking to man infront of backdrop
Rulon Gardner Miracle on the Mat

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